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Testimonials: Testimonials

I have been seeing Julie for years and highly recommend her professional approach to any problems I brought to her. Acupuncture is a wonderful holistic treatment alternative and Julie is one of the best.

J. Keats

I have always been afraid of needles. I tried acupuncture before but it was too stressful and too painful . I would always give up after just one session!
A couple of years ago, I went to see Julie for a sciatic and stomach problems.Julie's combination of needles, acupressure, cupping, cup massages and most of all gentleness and presence were perfect for me. Sciatic almost disappeared in just 2 sessions where everything else had failed. It also did wonders for my stomach problems.
I just started to see Julie again and I am now actually looking forwards to my treatments!

D. Deboeuf

My experience with Julie was awesome. She is really great at what she does! I look forward to my acupuncture treatments. It's such a beautiful space too. Highly recommended!

I. Goodwin

Julie is a very caring person in this peculiar health care profession. My wife and I have both benefited from her acupuncture treatments and intend to continue this relationship. She augments her clinical sessions with nutritional and lifestyle advice which is an added-value component to her treatment regime. There must be an old Chinese saying to the effect: “If you are letting someone stick a bunch of needles in you, pray they are gentle and a trained professional. That’s Julie.

J. Dingwall

I have never tried Acupuncture before and was a bit skeptical but I was pleasantly impressed by the professionalism and skill of this talented lady as well as by how much better I felt. Julie really knows what she is doing. I found immediate relief, more energy, and became much more fluid in my movements after the first treatment and kept improving through all three.
The space is quiet and serene with gentle background music. Appointments appear to be well spaced so as not to interfere with each other. Each appointment was timed perfectly and the online booking system is so easy to book (or change) an appointment. Simplicity and competency is key and are perfectly combined in this case. I highly recommend this business for your well-being and overall health.

I just started to see Julie again and I am now actually looking forwards to my treatments!

P. Tingley

I sought out treatment after living with intense shoulder pain for nearly eight months. I was finding it painful to complete every day tasks and was barely able to turn the steering wheel of my car as I parked outside Julie’s clinic.
Julie was really informative as this was my first visit. She did a great job of explaining her process and within 10 minutes, I felt the pain disappear. I walked out that day pain free and, months later, it still has not returned.
I now recommend acupuncture to anyone experiencing chronic pain.

J. Marion

Testimonials: Testimonials

My recent session was great. I felt amazing all day. What was even better was that I slept through the whole night for the first time since I can remember. My sense of well being lasted through the week. Thank you so much for the work you did on me. I look forward to my next session.

C. Prekratic

I began coming in for treatments because my knees were badly inflamed with arthritis and was in a great deal of pain.  After ONE treatment, I felt much better the next day!  She treated the whole body – not just my knees.  Julie is a professional and has a great deal of knowledge & passion for this practice.

K. Dekker

I had painful feet with numbness in the right leg. Also, painful right thumb.
Since getting treatments I have a great pain reduction, resiliency, more energy, and flexibility.

P. Lawson

Testimonials: Testimonials


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