Treats the cause of the pain. Not the symptom.


At Sage Mountain Acupuncture, multiple styles of Injection Therapy are used.

Acupoint/Trigger Point Injection is based on Acupuncture, Ashii and motor points. These deal with mainly muscular, nerve and fascia pain, whiplash, TMJ, frozen shoulder, or chronic back pain. The onset of this type of pain is frequently traumatic and continues for a long period of time. Over time muscle/fascia tension and imbalance combined with decreased blood flow to the joint cause arthritic changes. The muscle applies abnormal forces to the joint and wear and tear sets in. 

Perineural/Neural Prolotherapy for nerve entrapment. This treatment uses small hypodermic needles at a shallow depth to treat peripheral nerve entrapments. Entrapments occur where the nerves pass through muscle or fascia. The peripheral nerves can become entrapped and a chronic constrictive injury (CCI) develops. The nerves can become enlarged/inflamed and start to generate pain. A simple solution of 5% Dextrose is used to remove the entrapment and allow the nerve to function normally again. Perineural is a very gentle treatment and even patients who are scared of needles can tolerate this treatment extremely well. Perineural is the treatment of choice for fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndromes such as lateral, posterior, anterior thigh, calf numbness, carpal tunnel, golfers/tennis elbow, stiff neck, the tissue that has become extremely sensitive to cold and chronic low back pain that never resolves. 

Regeneration/Prolotherapy Injections are based upon TCM Bone Pecking Techniques and modern Prolotherapy for ligaments and joints. Regeneration/Prolotherapy Injections use dextrose or (PRP) platelet rich plasma. Prolotherapy is aimed at treating damaged ligaments, joints, and cartilage. Prolotherapy is geared more towards improving/restoring joint function and stability.

Neural therapy is used for treating autonomic dysfunction. Very effective for treating scars, TMJ, pelvic pain, dental focus, and infection.

Ozone Injections use ozone gas made from medical grade oxygen. Ozone is made by running medical grade oxygen through an ozone generator. Ozone injections are used to decrease inflammation and restore mitochondria function. Ozone kills bacteria and fungus in joints, vertebrae, and vertebral discs. Ozone is an amazing treatment for herniated discs, knee, shoulder, hip and joint pain/inflammation. Ozone stimulates the regeneration of healthy tissue by restoring mitochondria function. Ozone reduces NADH build up and restores the NAD balance in the mitochondria, allowing for healthy cellular respiration in cells. Research is now showing that many cancers are caused by dysfunction of the mitochondria. Ozone can reverse some mitochondria dysfunctions.